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Bartosz Rychlicki

Bartosz Rychlicki

Quantum Lab Co.

University man in programming, on a day to day basis  entrepreneur with eight years experience, fascinated how potential of new technologies can be applied in psychology.  In the near future, he would like to see how technology improves the potential of the human brain. He was nominated by BRIEF magazine in the ranking of 50 most creative people in businesses. He was interviewed by Forbes: First Million magazine, Startup and E-profit magazine as well as Natalia Hatalska in her TrendBook for 2014. In 2006,, he set up interactive agency BR-DESIGN Sp. z o.o, which functions to date and collaborates with clients like Stena Line, UPS Logistics, Trefl, Operon or Grupa Lotos S.A.  In 2013, he established company Quantum Lab Co. with headquarters in San Francisco, USA and R&D department in Gdansk, Poland. Quantum Lab Co. develops technology, which gives the ability to measure and analyze emotions online. Based on this technology and demands from market, Quantum Lab Co. is developing products for sectors like marketing research, data analysis, telemedicine and education. In the first year of running the business, Bartosz as CEO, collected assets estimated on over 1 000 000 zlotych ($330 000), thanks to the three strategic investment funds: Black Pearls, Business Angel Seedfund and Profound Ventures.  

Past Presentations

Informatyka afektywna: pomost łączący emocje z technologią [PL] / Rise of Affective Computing on Market Research (EN translation available)

  17:30 - 18:00, 11th of June (Thursday) 2015/ MAIN STAGE